Thursday, September 26, 2013

Ghost Loft - "So High"

September 25, 2013
Album: So High*

My cousin Malia scolded me and told me that I had to do a post tonight, so here it is, Malia! Also, today is Sones's birthday! Happy birthday Sonsey (if you are reading this at some point), I can't believe that you are finally 20, young one! I am currently addicted to watching Foodwishes on Youtube and I have to say that it is taking a toll on my wellbeing. For some reason, I tend to watch it on a somewhat empty stomach which I think constitutes as emotional abuse. For those of you who haven't watched Chef John perform miracles on Youtube yet, keep it that way; I don't know whether he is a god or completely evil for making videos haha. All jokes aside, his videos are extremely informational, easy to follow, and he is hilarious! He is hands down one of my favorite chefs next to Alton Brown, and that is saying a lot considering my former unhealthy obsession with the Food channel. Alright, onto the music.  To be perfectly honest, I don't know how I found this song because it was on my list of 'Songs to Download' and I can't recall when I put it there. I know that I'm not the only one who has a page in the 'Notes' section of their iPhone (or anywhere else) which is dedicated to music that they hear randomly/they want to listen to later. If you guys don't have a list like this, make one because it is extremely helpful when you hear a song that you like when you are out/busy doing something. This is the only song that I have by Ghost Loft so far, and it has motivated me to get more. I would have to classify this song as an extremely chill, calming, indie song with hip hop influences. I'm not sure what the singer's name is, but he has the smoothest voice and  I am sure that it is what attracted me to the song when I first heard it. 
"You make me so high,
You bring me alive."


  1. HAI SHAR. its sones. reading your blog. that is all! sorry about birthday planning fiascos, I have confidence today will be fun regardless!

    and i will love you till the end of timeeee. <3

  2. YOU STOPPED POSTING AGAIN! I knew that it was too good to be true :_(